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Estate Disputes

Estate disputes occur on a regular basis. Most people aren't able to successfully manage their financial affairs before illness or death strikes. Specific state laws regulate how an estate will be dispersed in the event of an estate dispute, but this process is often long and arduous.

Toxic Torts

Hazardous materials come with specific instructions to reduce the risk of injury. Unfortunately, careless handling can cause an unsuspecting victim to be injured, which is why attorneys familiar with toxic torts are hired to demand compensation.

US Casino And Sports Betting Laws

Millions of Americans partake in gambling, but there are only a few states that have legalized sports betting and table games. As more jurisdictions begin to revamp and evaluate their gambling laws, you should learn everything that you can about the regulations before you place another bet.

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The Legalities of a 1099

Working on an independent contractor basis is a bit different than working for an actual company. General or independent contractors receive a 1099 form as opposed to a W-2 at the end of the year for tax purposes. As an employee, taxes are withheld from your paycheck which makes it a bit easier when it comes time to file income taxes. As a general contractor, your 1099 will show all of the money that you have earned for that year from each specific company and you will be responsible for paying all of your taxes yourself.

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Protecting Yourself Legally when Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has become the most popular way of chatting and millions of internet users IM their friends, family members, coworkers and others every single day. If you tend to use instant messaging to keep in touch with others, there are things that you should understand. There are laws in place to ensure that personal damage is not done by instant messaging. In order to protect yourself and others, you should understand these laws and why they are important.

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Blue Collar Vs White Collar Crimes

Many people become a bit confused about the differences between blue collar and white collar crimes. Basically, it is the attire of the person who has committed the crime that will ultimately determine whether it fits into the blue or white collar crime category. Blue collar crime was a term given to the working class or those who wore uniforms on their jobs. White collar is a term that refers to people wearing dress shirts or office attire such as white shirts and neckties.

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